Joining SigTac is a pretty simple process.

  • Be cool.
  • Dont be not cool.
  • Be around.
  • Have a mic.
  • Work together.

Here are some things you should know:

  • We’re not looking to explode into a thousand-strong community who doesn’t know its head from its tail. Rather, we’re interested in the slow formation of a community of guys who enjoy playing games together as much as they enjoy shooting a breeze.
  • Anyone (M/F, 15-75, English Speaking) is welcome to join our discord and hang out.
  • There is no formal application, you simply express interest to a current-member and they will (or should) start the ball rolling.
  • “The Ball Rolling” involves the team getting to know you, and voicing their opinions on how well you sync up with the team. These votes often start at “meh” status and improve as you and these individuals get to know each-other better, so spending time around the team is usually the strongest determinant in whether or not we’ll offer you the tags and privileges.
  • “Privileges you say?” Yea. Aside from legitimately being associated with a community and our reasonably-well-respected reputation, you’ll get server administration rights, access to team training assets and knowledge-base, whitelist access on select servers, not to mention you’ll get to associate with what TechnoBlogSpot voted as “The coolest group of semi-detached nerds on the internet” for the last 9 months and running.
  • The best approach to being a part of Sig-Tac is seeing if you want to be a part of Sig-Tac. If you don’t  want to hang out with us, chances are the feelings are mutual, and the inverse is (typically) also true.